We protect your numbers so you can make decisions that grow your company.



Reality Check

Your accounting can make or break your business.

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It’s time to address your bookkeeping and accounting when…

  • You’re being pulled away from running the other aspects of your business
  • You have zero clarity surrounding your taxes
  • Stress surrounding your books is keeping you up at night
  • You can’t understand your current accountant
  • Your “gut feeling” is the only thing informing your decisions
  • Your excitement about running a company has been lost

For as hard as you work, your money should be working even harder.

At Equip Accounting, we want to give back the valuable space in your head that got your business this far.

Numbers Made Simple

Confusing terms aren’t helpful. Everything we show you will provide easy-to-follow insights.

Truth Over Fluff

We want to see your business thrive as much as you do which is why we have a no-sugar-coating policy.

Taxes Are A Breeze

Wave goodbye to the nervousness of tax season. We will maximize your end-of-year figures.

Well-Informed Decisions

Numbers will tell a story that will make even the biggest decisions appear in black and white.

Our Formula For Success

Learn about your business

Before we do anything else, we want to hear where you feel you are at with your business.


Identify & remove bottlenecks

We’ll analyze your current numbers and start removing unnecessary issues that are holding your business back and highlight opportunities that can move you in the right direction.


Ongoing improvements & opportunities

Together we will review your numbers at the end of every month and start pinpointing the pathways that will create the most future success.


Equip Accounting

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Driven By Real Results

Powered By A Strong Banking & Business Background

Serving Growing Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, & Nonprofits

Imagine a world where…

You have the freedom to dream again

You’re confident in your numbers

You have peace of mind

Your team is growing

Ready to take control of your numbers?